Child poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa


This report was commissioned to inform the Special Programme of Assistance for Africa's 1999 Poverty Status Report. It argues that the adequacy of household livelihoods, social cohesion and family and community capacity to nurture and protect children are vital to child wellbeing. Where these are undermined, child poverty is likely to be exacerbated. Critical factors underpinning child poverty in Africa include the HIV pandemic, conflict and economic policies, particularly adjustment in the 1980s. The report details their impact on a wide range of aspects of child wellbeing and concludes with a series of recommendations for more effective action to tackle child poverty.


Harper, C., Marcus, R. (1999) Child poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa. Childhood Poverty Research and Policy Centre (CHIP), London, UK, 52 pp.

Child poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa

Published 1 January 1999