Charity and social protection.


This briefing considers the role of charity in supporting social protection amongst the poor and marginal of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Colombo was chosen in part because of the high levels of charitable giving reported from Sri Lanka and the wide range of social and economic conditions found in its capital. The report describes the broad picture of how charity relates to social protection in Colombo. Besides acts of individual charity this report outlines the wide range of formal and informal organisations, religious and secular institutions, found in the city. It examines the content of charitable assistance and its relationship to religious identity and political interests and the impact that has on charity as a source of social protection. Finally, the report looks at the sustainability and effectiveness of charitable organisations in Colombo.


Kabir, S.; Stirrat, J.; Widger, T.; Osella, F. Charity and social protection. (2013)

Charity and social protection.

Published 1 January 2013