Chapter 9: Agriculture, Food and Nutrition.


This book chapter describes progress in the policy area of agriculture, food and nutrition, illustrating with case studies. It forms part of a book prepared as background for the 8th Global Conference on Health Promotion (Helsinki, 10-14 June 2013). The authors provide several key messages if sustainable improvement in nutrition is to be achieved, including better governance at all institutional levels, integration across programmes and sectors, and an integrated approach focussed on the rural poor which combines gender-sensitive agricultural interventions with public health interventions. The book itself draws on experiences from all regions and from countries at different levels of economic development to demonstrate that the Health in All Policies (HiAP) approach is feasible in different contexts.


Gillespie, S.; Egal, F.; Park, M. Chapter 9: Agriculture, Food and Nutrition. In: Health in all Policies: Seizing Opportunities, Implementing Policies. Ministry of Social Affairs and Health of Finland, Finland (2013) 183-202. ISBN 978-952-00-3407-8 [Health in All PoliciesSeizing opportunities, implementing policies]

Chapter 9: Agriculture, Food and Nutrition.

Published 1 January 2013