Challenging Binaries to Promote Women's Equality

An Introduction to a special Issue of Feminist Dissent


In this issue we are calling for a new interpretive framework that recognises the multiple genealogies that have contributed to binary constructs of the Western/secular versus the authentic/religious; takes into account the different power positionalities of those engaging in global and national struggles temporally and spatially; challenges the static binarism of religious versus secular that obfuscates the plurality of framings and identities around which women and men mobilise for social justice and does not shy away from the question of accountability for equality outcomes.

This work is part of the Action for Empowerment and Accountability (A4EA) programme


Tadros, M. and Khan, A. (2018) Challenging Binaries to promote Women’s Equality. Feminist Dissent, (3), 1-22

Challenging Binaries to Promote Women’s Equality

Published 27 November 2018