Challenge paper: Hunger and Malnutrition

Paper prepared for 2012 Global Copenhagen Consensus on investments to reduce hunger and undernutrition


Current estimates suggest that there are approximately 925 million hungry people in the world.

The focus of this paper as with previous Copenhagen Consensus papers is on reducing hunger and undernutrition. It strikes a novel approach, reintroducing as a solution a focus on agricultural investments that will increase global food supply and improve the nutritional quality of the food; making the economic case for doing so. They propose investments in 3 areas:

  1. Increasing crop yields
  2. Market innovations that reduce hunger
  3. Interventions to reduce micronutrient malnutrition and reduce the prevalence of stunting

t presents a conceptual framework (the IMPACT model) to consider food security, hunger and undernutrition, with four components: settings, resources, activities and outcomes. This is used to generate long-term projections of food supply, demand, trade and prices.


Hoddinott, J.; Rosegrant, M.; Torero, M. Challenge paper: Hunger and Malnutrition. Presented at Global Copenhagen Consensus. (2012)

Challenge paper: Hunger and Malnutrition

Published 1 April 2012