CCAA strategy overview.


The program strategy of the International Development Research Centre's Climate Change Adaptation in Africa (CCAA) research and capacity development program was developed in 2006-07 and will be periodically updated over the course of the program's life. This condensed version was published in June 2007. The document includes the following sections:

Executive Summary
Vision, aims and guiding principles
Outcome areas and activities
Program structure
Monitoring and evaluation

This condensed overview is intended to inform donor agencies, organizations representing at-risk groups, research institutions, policy bodies, development agencies, and recipients of CCAA funding. It may identify possible synergies or opportunities for collaboration with others concerned with climate change adaptation and with Africa's future development. Section 1 briefly explains the rationale and background for the program. Section 2 describes the vision, mission, goal, objectives, anticipated partners, priority themes and guiding principles. Section 3 describes the program's expected outcomes related to the program objectives, and the activities that will be conducted to support them. Section 4 focuses on the operational modalities, the program structure and work plan. Section 5 outlines CCAA's monitoring and evaluation plan.


Canada, IDRC, 32 pp.

CCAA strategy overview.

Published 1 January 2007