Case Studies - Practical Answers (2004-2009)


Eleven case studies illustrating the work of the Practical Answers Project up to March 2009 are presented. They include:
1. Bicycle Ambulance Uganda - A modified bicycle has been introduced in Jinja to work as an ambulance to rush patients to hospital.

  1. Mwamba wa Nyundo Womens Group - Kaloleni Mombasa, Kenya - training in bread making.

  2. Stoves for additional income, Nepal - learning how to make energy efficient stoves.

  3. Villages keen to build toilets, Nepal - learning how to build toilets.

  4. Smoke hood rescues Nima and her family, Nepal - sharing knowledge on smoke hoods.

  5. Chepangs use of technical enquiries services, Nepal - installation of a herb dryer aids the development of a herb collection cooperative.

  6. Khodeza Begum on making vermi-compost, Bangladesh - improving land fertility and producing vermi-compost for sale.

  7. Artisan apprentices, Peru - training in food processing encourages the development of small enterprises.

  8. Improving the environment and making money: the case of Mazingira Fortified Fertilizer, Kenya.

  9. How a propeller turbine design from Peru ended up in Pakistan.

  10. Uptake of Micro-Hydro in Papua New Guinea


Practical Action. Case Studies - Practical Answers (2004-2009). (2009) 14 pp.

Case Studies - Practical Answers (2004-2009)

Published 1 January 2009