Carbon Lock-In Toolkit


This Toolkit has been prepared by Economic Consulting Associates Ltd on behalf of the Department for International Development, and provides a framework for assessing the risk of carbon lock-in among developing countries. The Toolkit is aimed at decision-makers in national or local governments who are considering policy options that may result, directly or indirectly, in carbon-intensive pathways. It is also useful for advisors, donors involved in developing interventions, and stakeholders affected by government decisions.

The Toolkit is structured as follows:

  • a quick-start guide to carbon lock-in is incorporated at the start of the Toolkit (it is also provided separately as a free-standing document);
  • an introduction to carbon lock-in and an explanation of why it is relevant to decision-makers in developing countries;
  • guidelines for carbon lock-in assessment; these describe a conceptual framework for analysing carbon lock-in and should be useful for decision-makers whether they are undertaking a full cost-benefit analysis that formally includes carbon lock-in risk or just assessing carbon lock-in risk qualitatively;
  • case studies of carbon lock-in in three countries.

Six annexes are also included to give contextual and supporting information. Annex A1 provides an overview of the existing international climate change framework, how this may evolve in future and impact on developing countries directly or indirectly, and possibly contribute to carbon lock-in. Annex A2 summarises of some of the literature on carbon lock-in and lock-in more generally. Annexes A3 to A5 provide additional information that can be used in qualitative and quantitative assessments. Finally, Annex A6 describes the input data and assumptions used in the case studies.


Economic Consulting Associates. Carbon Lock-In Toolkit. Economic Consulting Associates, London, UK (2015) 101 pp.

Carbon Lock-In Toolkit

Published 1 January 2015