Carbon Lock-In – A Quick Start Guide


This Quick-Start Guide to carbon lock-in assessment has been prepared to accompany the full Carbon Lock-in Toolkit. Carbon lock-in occurs when: (i) a carbon-intensive pathway is chosen; (ii) once that pathway is taken, it is costly to change direction; and (iii) it has net negative consequences for national economic development/economic competitiveness in the future. All of the above must be present for carbon lock-in to exist.

This guide is aimed at decision-makers in national or local governments considering policy options that may result, directly or indirectly, in carbon-intensive pathways. It is also useful for advisors, donors involved in developing interventions, and stakeholders affected by government decisions.


Economic Consulting Associates. Carbon Lock-In – A Quick Start Guide. Economic Consulting Associates, London, UK (2015) 5 pp.

Carbon Lock-In – A Quick Start Guide

Published 1 January 2015