Calliandra calothyrsus pollinator behaviour and seed production


Calliandra calothyrsus Meissn. is pollinated by both bats (Chiroptera) and hawkmoths (Sphingidae). Observations of the foraging behavior and efficiency of pollinators were made in Colon, Honduras. The main pollinators of C. calothyrsus at this site were small, nectivorous bats belonging to one genus, Glossophaga (Glossophaginae). C. calothyrsus was visited less frequently by larger, predominantly fruit-eating bats. The foraging range of these bats is relatively small (less than 600 m), and they will repeatedly visit the same group of trees during the course of a night. Small, nectivorous bats are likely to be the most efficient type of pollinator of C. calothyrsus in both native and exotic environments. The implications of this for seed production are discussed.


Chamberlain, J.R.; Rajaselvam, R.J. Calliandra calothyrsus pollinator behaviour and seed production. In: Evans, D.O. (Ed). Proceedings of the international workshop on the genus Calliandra, Bogor, Indonesia, 23-27 January 1996. Winrock International, Morrilton, USA (1996) 34-40. [Forest, farm and community tree research reports series]

Published 1 January 1996