CABI Africa Member Country consultation synthesis report, 19-20 September 2007, Nairobi, Kenya


CABI's programmes are driven by the needs of its Member Countries. To reinforce this connection, CABI is establishing a series of direct dialogues in each region of operation. These aim to strengthen understanding of CABI's activities and capabilities in support of international development and to build close engagement with the regional priorities of Member Countries. These priorities will help to shape CABI's strategic programmes and to help establish the particular forms of mutual commitment and financial resourcing required to deliver its mission. The Africa Member Country Consultation was the first of three such dialogues.

Liaison officers from 11 Member Countries attended, together with two potential new members and an ASARECA representative. The meeting itself was a closed business session for Members. However, in the final session the outcomes were presented to a wider audience of partners and stakeholders from Embassies and institutions in Kenya.

This report outlines the Member Country objectives; national priorities and key sub-regional issues amongst CABI's Members for East Africa, West and Central Africa, and Southern Africa; and action plans and responsibilities.

The national and regional needs and priorities identified by the Liaison Officers were clustered thematically into those areas in which CABI has relevant expertise, skills and comparative advantage. Through this process, three priority areas of activity of relevance across Africa were agreed:

  • Trade development and markets
  • Institutional capacity strengthening and knowledge management
  • Biofuels and climate change

Each of the three areas were further addressed by a working group, to identify key areas of potential activity. In addition, an action plan was developed identifying the steps to be taken, the roles of different players, and possible partner and funding organizations. The findings are summarized in a series of tables.


CABI, Wallingford, UK, 14 pp.

CABI Africa Member Country consultation synthesis report, 19-20 September 2007, Nairobi, Kenya

Published 1 January 2007