Burkina Faso. Evaluating Skilled Care in Burkina Faso.


Increasing the proportion of mothers who deliver with skilled attendance to 50 percent by 2008 is the main objective of Burkina Faso's fi ve-year National Safe Motherhood Strategy (2004-2008). Immpact, a global research initiative, evaluated a programme by Family Care International (FCI), an international NGO, in the Ouargaye district of Burkina Faso. FCI's Skilled Care Initiative (SCI) was an ongoing, integrated safe motherhood programme that addressed the key components of skilled attendance at delivery:

Immpact set out to see how effective and cost-effective the intervention had been. To do this, Immpact surveyed over 500,000 people, comparing births taking place in health care facilities, quality of maternal care, maternal and perinatal mortality, and costs to women and families in the intervention area, the Ouargaye district. For comparison, Immpact also conducted the survey in the nearby Diapaga district, where the SCI was not active. Immpact compared these measures between 2001 and 2005, during and after the introduction of the new Burkina safe motherhood policy.


Burkina Faso. Evaluating Skilled Care in Burkina Faso, Immpact, University of Aberdeen, UK, 2 pp.

Burkina Faso. Evaluating Skilled Care in Burkina Faso.

Published 1 January 2007