Buried pipelines for surface irrigation


The book, based on research findings, provides guidelines on the selection, design and construction of buried pipe distribution systems for surface irrigation, particularly in the South. These guidelines apply to the full range of pipe systems with varying water sources, pipe materials and pipe layouts. The book also aims to help identify situations in which pipe systems are attractive alternatives to canal systems.

The book endeavours to encourage planners and practitioners to consider using buried pipeline systems, and provides all the information necessary to follow this through.

The range of pipe systems and their component structures are described and classified to enable selection of the most appropriate pipe system under a range of criteria. This is assisted by the use of a number of flow charts.

Specific recommendations on design and construction are made where they are of relevance to buried pipe systems or where they deviate from accepted practice for canal systems. Emphasis is given to the design of the pipe layout, particular aspects of hydraulic design and design considerations for component structures.

The book also includes suggestions for including farmers at all stages of implementation - from planning through design and construction to operation. The appendices include useful worked examples for the design of a closed buried pipe system and for the design of a float valve stand for a semi-closed pipe system.

This book could potentially be of use to newcomers in the field of irrigation as it begins with a basic chapter covering the standard terminology on irrigation and the various methods for irrigation distribution, followed by a description of a typical pipeline distribution system. The book then becomes more detailed, with chapters on system selection, hydraulic design, design considerations, system construction and post construction issues, cost analysis and trends in upgrading and development of buried pipeline systems.


Buried pipelines for surface irrigation

Published 1 January 1994