Briefing Paper 5. Skilled Migration: New Policy Options.


The issue of brain drain is part of current political and public concerns about reaching development goals. The developed world is seen to be poaching skilled people from Africa and other developing regions in order to meet its own demands for skilled labour. Some governments have responded with programmes of ethical recruitment that limit or even prohibit the recruitment of specific personnel from poor countries. However, these measures exhibit only a partial understanding of the complexities of movement of highly skilled people sidelining, for example, the importance of internal movements and links to migration of less skilled people. This Briefing takes a critical look at the terms of the brain drain debate, reviews existing policy options and suggests a way forward.


Sussex, UK, DRC on Migration, Globalisation and Poverty, 4 pp.

Briefing Paper 5. Skilled Migration: New Policy Options.

Published 1 January 2006