Better practice in supplying water to the poor in global PPPs


Amidst the general controversy surrounding public-private partnerships (PPPs) in lower-income countries, there has been little consideration of the successes and failures of international private operators in serving the urban poor, a subset of the overall task in any concession contract. This paper reports on research undertaken over a number of years in target communities, completed recently through private operator head office interviews, investigating the techniques and approaches used to serve slums with clean water. Following the demise of the PPP 'experiment' and with the present one billion slum dwellers projected to increase to two billion over the next generation, there is a clear need for these 'better practice' experiences to be made accessible to, and used by, public sector operators for whom serving the poor is the only real justification for their existence - the rich always find a way to access what they need.


Proceedings of the ICE - Municipal Engineer (2008) 161 (4) 247-254 [doi: 10.1680/muen.2008.161.4.247]

Better practice in supplying water to the poor in global PPPs

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