Better local institutions for IFM: A practitioner's guide.


This guide is targeted at the key actors in Government of Bangladesh Departments, especially the Department of Fisheries, NGOs and other agencies involved in sustainable and pro-poor co-management of floodplain fisheries and other resources through building local institutions primarily comprising of the resource users.

This guideline is also targeted at those who are instrumental in formulation of related national policies. The guide aims to enhance understanding on institutional issues and processes thereby improving the formation, strengthening and evaluation of the performance of local institutions in IFM. The guide offers suggestions for building better IFM institutions based on practical lessons learned from studying various local institutions engaged in floodplain management under different development projects.

Finally, this guide also provides sources of further information and detailed practical processes for undertaking these activities.


Rahman, M. and Islam, A. 2005. Better local institutions for IFM: A practitioner’s guide. Annex B5 of the Final Technical Report of project R8495. Dhaka, Bangladesh: Centre for Natural Resource Studies (CNRS). 12 pp.

Better local institutions for IFM: A practitioner’s guide.

Published 1 January 2005