Avoiding gypsum geohazards: guidance for planning and construction. (WC/98/005).


This information details the occurrence and characteristics of the rock and mineral gypsum, its highly soluble nature and the types of problems associated with it. These include subsidence, which can affect all construction including buildings, roads, railways and canals. Water leakage beneath dams is also described along with the aggravation of dissolution and subsidence caused by water abstraction. The financial losses caused by gypsum geohazards can be large and considerable cost savings can be generated by avoidance planning and the use of protective construction measures such as those detailed.

This report is has been prepared for planners, geologists and geotechnical engineers, throughout the world, to raise their awareness of gypsum geohazard problems and to help with local and national planning.

This report is available to download in full colour (7011 kb) and in black and white (4137 kb).


Avoiding gypsum geohazards: guidance for planning and construction. (WC/98/005).

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