Assignment Report: Ghana Education 2006-2013, Lessons Learned

This paper is part of the project completion review for DFID’s Support to the Education Strategic Plan


This short Lessons Learned paper was requested as part of the Project completion Review process of DFID’s Support to the Education Strategic Plan 2006-2013. The remit was to “draft a 10 page lessons learned document, drawing on key monitoring and evaluation reports (from both DFID and others) organised to speak to the interests of key stakeholders (e.g. parents, teachers, managers, government officials and donors) …. which could help feed the design and implementation …. as well as propose risks and mitigation strategies …. of the new sector support programme”.

The demand for education – and good education – is as great now as it was a decade ago. And some of the key challenges that existed still remain, particularly in relation to high levels of teacher absenteeism, low levels of instructional time and an imbalance in education spending between salaries and investment, goods and services.


Cunningham, R.; Arkorful, K. Assignment Report: Ghana Education 2006-2013, Lessons Learned. Health and Education Advice and Resource Team, Oxford, UK (2013) 15 pp. [HEART Assignment Report]

Published 1 January 2013