Assessing the CBA community of practice?


Communities of practice’ have been hailed as a way to spread knowledge and innovation, but we still know little about their real impacts, or even how to evaluate these. A new briefing from IIED looks at the ‘what, who and how’ of forming communities of practice, then looks ahead to an evaluation of whether, and how, why and when, such a community achieves better policies and practice to support local climate adaptation.

This briefing note has been produced as part of a CDKN initiative with IIED to build a community of practice on CBA (community-based adaptation). This includes support to the CBA conference series and a Government Cohort looking at the issue of mainstreaming CBA within developing planning processes.


Gundel, S.; Anderson, S.; Kaur, N.; Schoch, C. Assessing the CBA community of practice? IIED Briefing, (2013) 4 pp.

Assessing the CBA community of practice?

Published 1 January 2013