Assessing gender in resilience programming: Uganda


The population of the Karamoja region of Uganda face new challenges in the form of more tenuous livelihoods, and worsening and recurrent drought owing to climate change and evolving gender roles. As this case study demonstrates, social inequality exacerbates vulnerability, undermining attempts to build resilience. Reducing gender inequality and empowering women, men, boys and girls is critical to the BRACED Mercy Corps project success and its ability to ‘improve the well-being of households, by building the absorptive, adaptive and transformative resilience capacities needed to manage the shocks and stresses of climate extremes and disasters at the individual, household, community and systems scales’.


Opondo, M.; Abdi, U.; Nangiro, P. Assessing gender in resilience programming: Uganda. BRACED, ODI, London, UK (2016) 16 pp.

Published 1 January 2016