Artemisinin extraction using designed polymer resins.


This presentation describes work on: the computational design of polymer resins with specificity for artemisinin, for use in extracting it from Artemisia annua plant material; the optimization of artemisinin quantification methods (HPLC-MS); the synthesis and testing of the polymers; and the evaluation of artemisinin purification from plant extracts using these polymers. A polymer based on MBAA (N,N'-methylenebisacrylamide) was found to be the most effective, with elution by methanol or hexane/THF and regeneration by ethyl acetate or THF.


Presentation from Artemisinin Forum 2008 – Joint meeting on ensuring sustainable artemisinin production: meeting global demand. Guilin, China, 24-26 November 2008.

Artemisinin extraction using designed polymer resins.

Published 1 January 2008