Are CMWs Accessible in Punjab & Sindh?


A high maternal mortality rate (MMR) has been a key cause of concern in Pakistan, especially in rural communities. Less than half of deliveries are being conducted in the presence of skilled birth attendants. Therefore, the research sought to gauge whether the deployment of Community Midwives (CMWs ) in Punjab and Sindh has improved the accessibility of skilled birth attendants to the rural population or not. The study was conducted in 18 out of 36 districts of Punjab and 9 out of 23 districts of Sindh, which were randomly sampled in order to reflect a diversity of geography and income bracket.


Anon. Are CMWs Accessible in Punjab & Sindh? Arjumand And Associates, Islamabad, Pakistan (2012) 203 pp.

Are CMWs Accessible in Punjab & Sindh?

Published 1 January 2012