AR5 Media Toolkit


This Media Toolkit provides a bundle of resources freely available for discussion, education and reporting purposes, to encourage understanding of the two reports 'The IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report: What’s in it for Africa?' and 'The IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report What's in it for South Asia?' These reports describe climate impacts and trends in these regions, and experiences in adaptation and mitigation.

The resource pack includes further materials to help people disseminate the IPCC’s key findings. It includes free infographics that illustrate the main climate trends for Africa and South Asia, along with dozens of high resolution images and slides on the main themes of the Fifth Assessment Report for free download.

Readers can find details of the dates and contact information for the six public dialogues in East Africa and South Asia. There is also a space to post articles, slide shows and other resources developed by readers – to share with others.


CDKN. AR5 Media Toolkit. Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN), London, UK (2014)

AR5 Media Toolkit

Published 1 January 2014