Aquaculture in small-scale farmer-managed irrigation systems.


NB. The pdf associated with this document appears to be an updated version of an earlier inception report with the same title.

This report provides a description of the 'Aquaculture in Small-Scale Farmer-Managed Irrigation Systems' project. In the report the research framework is outlined, and the main project activities to date described, along with major outputs and findings, and plans for future project activities.

The contents are as follows:
1.1 Project approach
2 Stage 1
2.1 Scope of project
2.2 Preparatory work
3 Stage 2
3.1 Selection of research area and partners
3.2 Sustainable livelihoods framework
3.3 Participatory situation analysis Karnataka
3.4 Participatory situation appraisal Sri Lanka
4 Stage 3
4.1 Stakeholder workshops
Stakeholder analysis
4.2 Key researchable constraints
4.3 Identification of farmer researchers & research hypotheses
4.4 Longitudinal Situation Analysis Sri Lanka
4.5 Stage 4
4.6 Participatory monitoring and evaluation
4.7 Baseline survey
4.8 Farmer trials
4.9 Trial monitoring
5 Stage 5
5.1 Post-trial farmer survey
5.2 Post-trial farmer workshop
5.3 Future research
Appendix 1. Location of Research Areas in Karnataka State, India
Appendix 2: Location of research areas in Sri Lanka. Appendix : Karnataka project staff
Appendix 3: Karnataka Farmer Workshop
Appendix 4: Waterbody specific aquaculture guidelines
Appendix 5: Baseline data collection form
Appendix 6: Trial monitoring data collection sheet
Appendix 7: Information collection guidelines 26
Appendix 8: Research Staff Sri Lanka27
Appendix 9: Activities and guidelines for longitudinal Situation Analysis in Sri Lanka
Appendix 10: Markets 1. -Baseline Consumer Survey
Appendix 11: Markets 2 - Longitudinal Consumer Survey
Appendix 12: Markets 3 - Specimen SSI Record Sheet (Vendors)
Appendix 13: Production 1 - Key informant questionnaire / interview
Appendix 14: Production 2 - Depth Household Questionnaire and SSI
Appendix 15: Production 3 - Part 2: Seasonal Livelihood Calendars
Appendix 16: Production 4 - Longitudinal water quality/use Survey and SSI
Appendix 17: Timetable for Sri Lanka Fieldwork May 1999 to August 1999


Aquaculture in small-scale farmer-managed irrigation systems, University of Stirling, UK, 97 pp.

Aquaculture in small-scale farmer-managed irrigation systems.

Published 1 January 2002