Applying a workable education SWAp in Bangladesh


This policy brief examines the Second Primary Education Development Programme (PEDP II), and the sector wide approach (SWAp) of donors supporting education in Bangladesh. Based on an assessment of PEDP II and other empirical analyses of education performance in Bangladesh, it recommends that the next PEDP should be more flexible, encompassing more types of education providers under a unified national plan and be extended to a greater age range, with significantly increased resources to bring Bangladesh up to parity with comparable countries’ primary education expenditure. Although the new PEDP III under preparation appears to be emerging as an extension of PEDP II, this brief indicates the potential if the aims of the new Education Policy 2010 are taken seriously. It is based on the CREATE Pathways to Access Research Monograph No. 57: The Sector Wide Approach in Bangladesh Primary Education: A Critical View (Ahmed, M., 2011).


CREATE Bangladesh Policy Brief 4, 4 pp.

Applying a workable education SWAp in Bangladesh

Published 1 January 2011