Anti-developmental patrimonialism in Zimbabwe


Research on investment climates and economic growth in developing countries is shifting from institutional ‘best practices’ towards ways in which developmentally successful regimes make use of economic rents. After discussing rent flows in Zimbabwe's history, the paper concludes that the country exhibits a pattern of centralised, short-term rent utilisation, with disastrous results, showing that the centralisation of rent-management by itself does not indicate a ‘developmental patrimonialism’.

This is an abridged version of M. Dawson and T. Kelsall (2011) Anti-developmental Patrimonialism in Zimbabwe. Working Paper 19: Africa Power and Politics Programme.


Dawson, M.; Kelsall, T. Anti-developmental patrimonialism in Zimbabwe. Journal of Contemporary African Studies (2012) 30 (1) 49-66. [Special Issue: Progress in Zimbabwe] [DOI: 10.1080/02589001.2012.643010]

Anti-developmental patrimonialism in Zimbabwe

Published 1 January 2012