Alcohol and Healthy Cities CityLab workshop.


This event was hosted by the African Centre for Cities (ACC), UCT and King’s College London to share the findings of our Healthy Cities CityLab work on alcohol, violence and the built environment. For the past three years, ACC and King’s have been engaged in collaborative work exploring the everyday lived experiences of alcohol across several Cape Town communities, examining the multiple perspectives of alcohol policy stakeholders, the spatial distribution of licensed premises across the city and seeking to understand responses and reactions of the shebeen sector to the Western Cape Liquor Act. The results of this work have been published in a large number of academic papers, but the workshop creates the opportunity to open up discussion of the work and its broader implications for our understandings of the interface between wellbeing and the urban environment with key stakeholders. The meeting convened over 25 strategic stakeholders from the Provincial government, municipality, liquor authority, academia and NGOs to explore the research findings, their significance and the gaps in knowledge that remain.


Herrick, C.; Smit, W.; Charman, A.; Matzopoulos, R.; Bosch, L. Alcohol and Healthy Cities CityLab workshop. (2013)

Published 1 January 2013