Agricultural Water Use Norms Advisory Note 1.8.2

Irrigation norms are a critical input for water management in China so it is important that they are understood and calculated systematically


The guidance provided in this document outlines the process for preparing norms for irrigation water use. This distinguishes between types of norms; and between norms for overall planning and for routine operation of irrigation systems. This is to help ensure that norms are prepared for different crops and regions (counties, municipalities and provinces) on a consistent basis, and that the basis on which they are prepared is understood by those who use them.

This Advisory Note should be read in conjunction with Thematic Paper 1.8 - Water Demand Forecasting and Advisory Note 1.8.1 - Water Demand Forecasting.


WRDMAP. Agricultural Water Use Norms [Advisory Note 1.8.2]. WRDMAP, China (2010) 28 pp

Agricultural Water Use Norms Advisory Note 1.8.2

Published 1 May 2010