Agricultural value chains: An illustrated booklet


The general purpose of this research was to develop a methodology of how rural transport services for high value agricultural goods can be planned and implemented with due concern for household livelihood systems. This project contributes to the overall goal of improving the incomes and livelihoods of smallholder farmers through increased marketing of high value products.

This booklet presents the main findings of the project in an easy-to-read manner. It is meant for researchers, policy makers and practitioners in the field of agricultural logistics, marketing of agricultural produce, planning and maintenance of rural infrastructures and financing of rural investments. It refers not only to planners in the public sector, but as well to private enterprises wishing to develop new logistic chains.

The Booklet is based on a study looking at the organisation of logistical chain in the potatoes, onions, bananas and french beans sub-sectors in Kenya. The study examined the organisation of the logistical operations, from the 1st mile (from farm to collection point) through the various intermediate logistical stages leading up to national and international markets.


Anon. Agricultural value chains: An illustrated booklet. (2013) 35 pp.

Agricultural value chains: An illustrated booklet

Published 1 January 2013