Agricultural research through a 'new product development lens'


In this paper, we present the case for making better use of the theory, concepts, language and experience from the field of industrial and commercial ‘new product development’ within agricultural research. The argument is that by conceptualizing, organizing and managing applied and adaptive research activities as new product development, agricultural research will be better able to respond to enlarging agendas, increased expectations of impact and declining budgets. The role of the design function in innovation development is highlighted, and the major implications of a new product development stance for the organization and management of agricultural research are identified.


Sumberg, J.; Reece, D. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH THROUGH A NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT LENS. Experimental Agriculture (2004) 40 (3) 295-314. [DOI: 10.1017/S0014479704002030]

Agricultural research through a ‘new product development lens’

Published 1 January 2004