AfricaAdapt Climate Change Symposium 2011 [website]


The AfricaAdapt Climate Change Symposium took place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on 9-11th March 2011. This three-day bilingual (French/English) event was attended by nearly 200 participants, with representatives from across policy, research, NGOs, community-based organisations and media. The majority of participants presenting papers come from across the different regions of Africa, and were joined by a smaller number of international participants.

The presentations and extended abstracts for all papers from the event can be accessed on this website, via the Project Resources tab for each of the key symposium themes:

The papers and presentations can be found under the 'Project Resources' tab within each theme.


AfricaAdapt. AfricaAdapt Climate Change Symposium 2011 [website]. (2011)

Published 1 January 2011