Addressing the barriers to climate investment


In June 2013, the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Board reviewed the options for financial instruments to fund action against climate change. During this meeting, the Board asked the GCF’s Interim Secretariat to propose terms and conditions for grants and concessional lending made by the GCF (these will be deployed through accredited national, regional and international intermediaries and implementing entities).1 The guiding principles and factors for determining the terms of financial instruments were considered in October 2013. The terms and conditions will be considered at their next meeting. This guide comments on the discussions so far about financial instruments for the Business Model Framework of the GCF.


Berliner, J.; Grüning, C.; Kempa, K.; Menzel, C.; Moslener, U. Addressing the barriers to climate investment. (2013) 8 pp.

Addressing the barriers to climate investment

Published 1 January 2013