Adaptation is...Protecting coastal communities in northern Morocco


This is one of a series of brief project profiles which provide insights into the kinds of challenges Africans face in adapting to climate change, and the strategies they are testing with research supported by the CCAA program. The profiles are based on interviews with CCAA staff and research team members, local officials, and community members involved in or affected by the research.

Morocco's rural north east coast is increasingly vulnerable to the effects of climate change - sea level rise, storm surges, and coastal flooding. An international research team led by Morocco's École nationale forestière d'ingénieurs is working in two neighbouring provinces to integrate a better understanding of climate change impacts within development plans and land use guidelines to meet the region's many competing needs.


International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Ottawa, Canada, 4 pp.

Adaptation is…Protecting coastal communities in northern Morocco

Published 1 January 2008