Adaptation is ... Informing and involving farmers in Benin


This is one of a series of brief project profiles which provide insights into the kinds of challenges Africans face in adapting to climate change, and the strategies they are testing with research supported by the CCAA program. The profiles are based on interviews with CCAA staff and research team members, local officials, and community members involved in or affected by the research.

In rural Benin, adapting to climate change will depend on improving farmers' access to information and actively involving them in decision-making. The project described here brings together researchers, farmers, and local decision-makers to find ways of sharing knowledge on climate variability, to reduce farmers' vulnerability, and to increase food security. It is based on Benin's network of rural municipalities or \"communes\". Meteorological pre-alert committees in 35 municipalities will bring stakeholders together in collecting and sharing information on the risks of drought and tropical storms, among other hazards. Field schools will also be set up for farmers.


InternationalDevelopment Research Centre (IDRC), Ottawa, Canada, 4 pp.

Adaptation is … Informing and involving farmers in Benin

Published 1 January 2007