Accessible transport trends in Latin America.


Advocacy at local, national, and international levels has resulted in significant progress in Latin America in the creation of regulatory frameworks and the implementation of a spectrum of accessible transport modes in the largest cities in the region. Initial steps toward access to transport and related infrastructure are now on the agenda in most of the major cities in Central and South America. Some Latin American innovations have become models of best practice now being replicated in other regions. However, the accessible design and operation of smaller vehicles has tended to be ignored, as has the implementation of access in smaller cities and rural areas. This paper reviews data on transit disabled populations and discusses the growth of advocacy for accessible transport over the past decade. The influence of international standards and the growth of regulatory frameworks is discussed. The status of implementation of accessible transport in the region's largest cities is presented.


Rickert, T.; Venter, C.; Maunder, D. Accessible transport trends in Latin America. (2002)

Accessible transport trends in Latin America.

Published 1 January 2002