Acacia senegal and the gum arabic trade


This is the last of four major monographs and annotated bibliographies on African acacia species that are of major importance for human survival and national economic development in many countries of the African continent and some other tropical countries. Tropical Forestry Paper (TFP) 32 considered Acacia karroo, TFP 35 covered A. erioloba, and TFP 41 summarized Faidherbia albida. This present monograph (TFP42) covers the species Acacia Senegal but also summarizes its biological and economic links to several related species that are significant producers of gum. The first Section treats the taxonomy, genetics, reproductive biology, ecology and properties of A. Senegal while the second and third Sections provide fascinating accounts of the historical and modern trade in gum arabic.


Tropical Forestry Papers no. 42. 261pp. Oxford Forestry Institute (OFI). Oxford, UK. ISBN:0 85074 157 2. ISSN:0141-9668.

Published 1 January 2004