Acacia karroo monograph and annotated bibliography


This monograph provides an annotated bibliography of all the relevant literature and a critical monograph on the species, one of the most widespread and important of all the Acacia species. The authors have considerable experience in the field, laboratory and library that permit them to produce such an integrative review with excellent field photographs and computer generated maps. The monograph will be of value to rural development specialists, agriculturalists, foresters and extension workers throughout the dry zones of Africa, particularly in the southern half of the continent where the species is indigenous. It will stimulate further research and development of the species for enhanced socioeconomic productivity of the tree itself and of the crops, animals and environments that it supports.


Barnes, R.D.; Filer, D.L.; Milton, S.J. Acacia karroo monograph and annotated bibliography. Oxford Forestry Institute, Oxford, UK (1996) 77 pp. ISBN 0 85074 138 6 [Tropical Forestry Papers No. 32.]

Acacia karroo monograph and annotated bibliography

Published 1 January 1996