Acacia 2006-2010 Final Report


This report considers the Acacia III Prospectus 2006-2011. Section 1, Background, covers the evolution of Acacia III and the programme strategy rationale. Section 2, Research Findings, covers: infrastructure, policy indicators and economic opportunities; social service delivery and economic development; and people's empowerment. Section 3, programme outcomes, covers: fostering ongoing, robust dialogue; increasing research capacity in ICT4D; contributing to a formal body of knowledge in ICT4D; Stimulating social and technological innovations in ICTs, and applying meaningful gender analysis. Section 4 presents lessons and conclusions.


Anon. Acacia 2006-2010 Final Report. IDRC, Ottawa, Canada (2010) 36 pp.

Acacia 2006-2010 Final Report

Published 1 January 2010