Absorbing Informal-Sector Entrepreneurs into Improved Urban Services.


This paper focuses on the effect of urban development on informal-sector enterprises in the transport and energy sectors. The paper is based on case-studies developed from fieldwork in three countries. The first two illustrate the challenges faced by informal-sector entrepreneurs resulting from developments in the transport sector in Bangladesh, and the energy sector in Ethiopia. In both cases, the informal-sector entrepreneurs are characterised by low incomes, vulnerability, informal (often illegal) status and high competition for limited markets. Research suggests that much of conventional urban development results in them facing increased vulnerability and greater difficulties securing livelihood assets. The third case-study, in India, is intended to show how the needs of informal-sector entrepreneurs can be accounted for in development processes. In it, waste-recycling entrepreneurs are employed by an organised waste collection service.


Small Enterprise Development (2004) 15 (2). 10 pp.

Absorbing Informal-Sector Entrepreneurs into Improved Urban Services.

Published 1 January 2004