A Synthesis of Simple Empirical Models to Predict Fish Yields in Tropical Lakes and Reservoirs, Final Technical Report.


This project aimed to provide a simple method of estimating the fishery potential of lakes and reservoirs by establishing predictive relationships between fish yields and simple environmental, climatic and demographic parameters. This was accomplished using published information from the wide range of tropical and sub-tropical water bodies that have been studied or monitored to some extent. A database was constructed to facilitate the storage and retrieval of data to be used in the analysis of relationships between fish yields and a number of morphological, edaphic, biological and demographic parameters for tropical and sub-tropical water bodies. Results are presented in terms of: data coverage for lakes, floodplain lakes, reservoirs, swamps, coastal lagoons, and on catchment land use and demography, global comparison of fish landings, yields and fishing intensity in tropical inland aquatic ecosystems. Total landings from inland fisheries, yields and fishing intensity, and empirical predictors of fish yields are also presented. A 43 page database user manual has been produced for LAKESDB (the relational database for storing and extracting references and data concerning fisheries in lakes, reservoirs and coastal lagoons from Africa, Asia and Latin America).


Fisheries Management Science Programme, Overseas Development Administration, London, UK, 109 pp.

Published 1 January 1995