A Summary of Programme Achievements


The Programme for Research & Capacity Building in Sexual & Reproductive Health & HIV in Developing Countries is a research programme consortium with core funding from the UK Department for International Development (DFID), and is now drawing to an end. Over its five-year lifetime, the Programme has worked to strengthen the evidence base regarding the impact and cost-effectiveness of interventions to improve sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and reduce HIV incidence in countries of Africa and Asia. Researchers have collaborated with local, national and international stakeholders, organisations and networks to ensure that the results of their high quality research are available to policy makers at national and international levels. The Programme has focused on three thematic areas: 1) Development and evaluation of strategies to prevent risky sexual behaviour (among adolescents, general populations and high risk groups; the issue of stigma related to HIV treatment has also been addressed); 2) Integration of sexual and reproductive health and HIV services (also including male circumcision); and 3) Evaluation of new biomedical tools for the control of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (including diagnosis, drug therapy, vaccination, microbicides, and modelling the effect of treatment). Work has also been done to build research capacity in the countries studied and to influence national and international policy and practice.


Programme for Research and Capacity Building in Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV in Developing Countries research briefing no. 7, July 2010. 8 pp.

A Summary of Programme Achievements

Published 1 January 2010