A new once-a-day treatment for uncomplicated malaria: DHA/PQP


This presentation describes the study (in Africa and southeast Asia) by MMV and sigma-tau Pharmaceutiche of the efficacy and safety of dihydroartemisinin/piperaquine for treating malaria. The conclusions are that: a large pool of evidence supports the non-inferiority of DHA/PQP compared to other artemisinin combination therapies for the treatment of acute uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria; it has repeatedly shown good tolerability and safety; its dosing (three doses instead of six for artemether/lumefantrine) contributes to a better compliance; and its centralized registration with the European Medicines Agency will bring alternatives to developing countries and also allow the availability of an ACT for the first time in all 27 European Union Countries.


Presentation from MMV 11th stakeholders’ meeting, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 2-3 June 2011. Medicines For Malaria Venture, Geneva, Switzerland; 23 pp.

A new once-a-day treatment for uncomplicated malaria: DHA/PQP

Published 1 January 2011