A descriptive study of urethral discharge among men in Fiji

To evaluate urethral discharge to determine the incidence, recurrence and reported at-risk behaviour



Urethral discharge is a common presentation of sexually transmitted infection (STI) in men and known pathogens include Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis. There are no published data of the burden of urethral discharge among men in Fiji.


To evaluate urethral discharge among men to determine the incidence, the frequency of recurrence and reported at-risk behaviour.


The authors conducted a retrospective, descriptive study of clinical records of all men presenting with urethral discharge to two major reproductive health clinics. Data collected included self-reported at-risk behaviours, results of abnormal syphilis serology and antibiotics prescribed. The frequency of recurrence in the following 1–2 years of initial presentation was determined along with microbiological findings from urethral swab in this group.


A total of 748 males presented with urethral discharge to the clinic in one year. This represents an incidence rate of at least 295 per 100 000 adult males per year in the study population. Within the next 1–2 years of the initial presentation, 102 (14%) of these re-presented out of which 42 had urethral swab taken for etiological diagnosis. The commonest isolate was Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Results of syphilis tests were available for 560 (75%) of patients and 29 (5%) were positive. Recurrence was not associated with self-reported at-risk behaviours.


The incidence of urethral discharge among males in Fiji is very high and prevention strategies are urgently needed.

This research was supported by the UK Department for International Development’s Operational Research Capacity Building Programme led by the International Union Against TB and Lung Disease (The Union)


Gaunavinaka L, Balak D, Varman S, Ram S, Graham SM. (2014) A descriptive study of urethral discharge among men in Fiji. New Zealand Medical Journal 127(1404):48-52.

A descriptive study of urethral discharge among men in Fiji

Published 17 October 2014