50 Years of Educational Progress and Challenge in Ghana.


This paper examines the path that education in Ghana has taken in the last 50 years for significant milestones, achievements and challenges in relation to nation building and socioeconomic development, but also in respect of how it has improved access for all. It begins by mapping out the vision of education at the time of independence and discusses the new policies and choices that were made. Next, it highlights the changes in the late 60s to the period from the 1970s to the mid 1980s when education went into sharp decline, and the issues which informed its revival. From 2000, a newly elected government initiated a review of education reforms in the country. This review introduced the latest round of educational changes. The paper highlights the content of these reforms and their potential to contribute to Ghana’s aspiration to become a middle-level income by 2020. It offers a critique of the progress and challenges of educational development and outlines the new challenges Ghana faces as it strives to make education a major contributor to its development aspirations.


CREATE Pathways to Access Series, Research Monograph Number 33, ISBN: 0-901881-43-0. 29 pp.

50 Years of Educational Progress and Challenge in Ghana.

Published 1 January 2010