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What is the Financial Remedies Court (FRC)

The FRC is a specialist part of the Family Court. Following the breakdown of a marriage or civil partnership there are often financial issues that need to be resolved.

Financial support for children sometimes falls outside the remit of the Child Maintenance Service. The purpose of the FRC is to ensure that family finances are resolved efficiently by specialist judges.

How the Financial Remedies Court works

  • we operate nationally within the Family Court
  • there is a national network of specialist judges overseen by regional leadership judges and national lead judges (the national lead judge is The Hon. Mr Justice Peel)
  • family finance disputes are issued and referred locally to a judge who will assign cases to an allocated judge who is responsible for the progress of that case through the court process
  • the Financial Remedies Court has its own protocols and guidelines designed to ensure that cases run smoothly and at all times are overseen by judges who are experienced in this type of work and are nominated by leadership judges to undertake financial work

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