Convert a same-sex civil partnership into a marriage

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Converting in England and Wales

You can convert your same-sex civil partnership into a marriage at:

You’ll get a marriage certificate, dated when your civil partnership was formed.

You cannot convert an opposite-sex civil partnership to a marriage in England and Wales.

There are different rules for Scotland. You cannot convert any civil partnership into a marriage in Northern Ireland.

How much it costs

You’ll pay:

  • £11 for a marriage certificate
  • £45 to convert your civil partnership
  • £27 for an appointment, if you have a ceremony

The cost of the ceremony will vary by venue.

What you need

You’ll need to sign a ‘conversion into marriage’ declaration. Make an appointment to do this with the superintendent registrar at your local register office.

You’ll need your original civil partnership certificate and your ID - ask the register office what ID to provide.

Converting with a ceremony

Contact a registered venue to book a date for your ceremony.

You’ll also be able to have the ceremony at venues where same-sex couples can get married, for example:

  • religious buildings registered for the marriage of same-sex couples
  • premises where a ceremony according to the Jewish faith or the Society of Friends will follow immediately after the conversion

You can discuss the wording you want during your ceremony with the person conducting it. Your friends and family can attend but you do not need witnesses.

You and your partner must sign a ‘conversion into marriage’ declaration. The superintendent registrar must be in attendance and also sign the declaration.

You can include up to 4 parents each on the declaration (for example mothers, fathers, step parents or adoptive parents).