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You must notify Health & Safety Executive of Northern Ireland (HSENI) if you’re a contractor planning a construction project for a commercial client that will last longer than 30 days or involve more than 500 person days of construction work.

How to notify

You must appoint a ‘Construction (design and management) regulations co-ordinator’ (CDM co-ordinator) to provide information including:

  • the address of the construction site
  • the name of the district council where the site is located
  • a description of the project and work
  • contact details of the client, CDM co-ordinator and principal contractor
  • contact details for any contractor and designer already contracted
  • construction start date and the planned duration
  • preparation time allowed for construction work
  • the estimated number of people working on site

You must also attach a declaration signed by or on behalf of the client, confirming they are aware of their duties.