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You must be accredited by one of the organisations approved by the Scottish government to be a commercial energy assessor in Scotland.

You can assess the energy efficiency of buildings including offices, shops and factories when you’re an accredited commercial energy assessor. You can also produce Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and recommendations for cost-effective energy improvements.

Your approved organisation is responsible for making sure you’re suitably qualified to carry out energy assessments.

You may need to be trained or qualified to use Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) software to analyse a building’s energy consumption.

Some organisations are only approved to provide EPC services for certain types of building, eg residential, so check before applying.

You must provide any supporting documents and an application fee when you apply. You may also need to give details of your qualifications and training.


You must follow your organisation’s code of conduct.

You’ll usually get an identity card and you’ll have to pay an annual membership fee.

You must enter any EPC you do and the associated data onto the relevant register kept by the Scottish government before it’s issued to the organisation requesting it.

Assessments of a mixed-use building being sold or rented out should be done using SBEM for the commercial part. Other parts of the building should be assessed using the Reduced Data Standard Assessment Procedure.