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You need a licence to photocopy hymns or worship songs (music or words) for assemblies or other collective worship activities at your school.

You can get this licence from Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI).

You can only get this licence in addition to a collective worship copyright licence.

How to apply

You can apply for a licence online on the CCLI website.

You must pay a licence fee based on the number of pupils at your school.

You must renew your licence annually.


Licences are subject to certain conditions, such as:

  • ensuring that all photocopied songs are inscribed with your licence number
  • supplying CCLI with a copy of any photocopied song on request
  • using CCLI’s CopyReport software to report all the songs that have been photocopied under your licence

Fines and penalties

You are infringing copyright and could be sued for damages if you photocopy hymns or songs without a licence.

CCLI may cancel your licence if you don’t pay the licence fee or follow any other licence conditions. You must stop using any photocopied songs and arrange for them to be destroyed if your licence is cancelled.

You must contact the Copyright Licensing Authority if you want to photocopy from non-music publications (eg drama scripts or text books).