Adoption assessment

Once the agency gets your application it will do the following:

  1. Invite you to a series of preparation classes - these are normally held locally and give advice on the effect adoption may have on you.

  2. Arrange for a social worker to visit you on several occasions to carry out an assessment - this is to check you’re suitable to become an adoptive parent.

  3. Arrange a police check - you will not be allowed to adopt if you, or an adult member of your family, have been convicted of a serious offence, for example against a child.

  4. Ask you to provide the names of 3 referees who will give you a personal reference. One of your referees can be a relative.

  5. Arrange for you to have a full medical examination.

Your assessment

The social worker will send the assessment report to an independent adoption panel. This is a group of people who are experienced in adoption.

The panel will make a recommendation to the adoption agency based on your assessment.

You can go along to ask questions and answer any questions the panel has.

The adoption panel will send their recommendation to the agency, which will then decide whether you’re suitable to adopt a child.

If you can adopt a child

Once your agency decides you can adopt, they’ll begin the process of finding a child for you to adopt.

Your agency will refer you to either the:

They’ll do this immediately or 3 months after you’ve been approved to adopt if they’re not actively considering a local match with a child.

The registers hold details of children across England and Wales who need adopting.

If an adoption agency says you cannot adopt

If you disagree with an adoption agency’s decision, you can either:

You can also contact other adoption agencies - but you’ll have to start the process again.